Want to Visit Pleasant Valley?

**On Sunday, December 22 we are cancelling both of our Sunday morning gatherings and having two special Christmas Candlelight Services at 4:00pm and 6:00pm!**

First Service-
Sunday at 9:00am

Nursery and Children’s activities (PreK-5th grade) are provided.  Please check your kids in before the service beginning at 8:50.

As this is the most popular time for guests to attend, we ask that our members make an effort to attend the other two gatherings if possible to make room for more new faces in our gatherings!

Second Service-
Sunday at 11:00am

Nursery and Children’s activities (5th grade and younger) and provided.

Please check your kids in before the service beginning at 10:50am.

Wednesday Night Youth (6-12th grade)- Wednesdays from 6:30-8:00pm

ValleyKids! (5th grade and under)- Wednesdays from 6:30-8:00 pm

Click Here for details about Community Groups (small groups that meet in homes around our city during the week).


We know visiting a church for the first time can be a little stressful.  Below we’ve answered a few common questions that people often have so that your visit can be as enjoyable as possible.

What should I wear?

At Pleasant Valley, people wear a variety of different kinds of clothes.  You’ll see everything from cut-off t-shirts and tattoos to ties and slacks.  We love people regardless of what they look like on the outside, so wear whatever you feel most comfortable wearing to worship.  You’ll fit right in.

Where do I park?

If you’re new to Pleasant Valley, we have special guest parking spaces reserved for you against the building in both our front and back parking lots, as well as a number of handicapped accessible spots.

If you’ve been around for a few weeks and are starting to call Pleasant Valley your home, we ask that you don’t park in these spaces so that our newer guests can have the best possible experience when visiting with our family.

How long is the service?

Each service lasts for around 1 hour and 15 minutes.  While this may vary slightly from week to week, we try to be respectful of your time with family and the other things you may have planned on Sundays.

Which service is the best to attend?

It depends on how early you like to wake up!  Both of our services are identical in every way, so you can come to either of the services and get the same experience.

We find that some people like to attend the 9:00 service so they can be on their way by 10:30 and have the rest of the day with their families, while others like to sleep in and attend the 11:00 service so they can be well-rested after a long week of work.

What kind of music do you sing?

Our music style is pretty unique.  We often incorporate a mixture of brand-new songs and songs that have served the church for centuries but have been updated for a new generation and have a unique Pleasant Valley sound.  Many of our songs are written and arranged by artists within our own body, but if you’ve been in church very much you should be familiar with a lot of them too.  Above all, we seek to glorify God through our singing and let the truth of the Gospel shape our worship.

Music is an amazing gift from God.  It stirs our affections and plants truth deep into our hearts.  We want to serve our people with music that is filled with truth, is centered on and shaped by the Gospel, and is done as excellently as we know how.

We are influenced by:
Sojourn Community Church
John Mark McMillan
Citizens & Saints
Dustin Kensrue
Kings Kaliedoscope
Indelible Grace
Sovereign Grace Music

Where do I take my kids?

When you enter the building from either entrance, walk down the hallway and look for the signs that say “Children’s Check-In”.  Inside that room, you will be able to sign in your children using our check-in system and a children’s worker will take them to their class.  If you have any trouble finding where to go, just stop by the Connect Desk at either entrance or ask a Connect Team member wearing a lanyard and they would be happy to help you.

How can I talk with a pastor?

In a lot of larger churches, things can sometimes feel a little impersonal and you can feel lost in the crowd, but our pastors want to get to know you and your family personally.  The best way to do this is simply to fill out a Connect Card located in the back of the seat in front of you on Sunday morning, turn it in at the Connect Desk in the lobby (and get a free gift!) and a pastor will contact you very soon after.  You can also email them by following the link in the button below.  Finally, on Sunday morning, you can stop by the Connect Desk after the service and a Connect Team member can direct you to a pastor.

Contact Information

Pleasant Valley Community Church
800 Pleasant Valley Road
Owensboro, KY 42303

Got Questions?
Phone: (270) 926-2888