doubt website thumbOn Wednesday,  Jan. 29 at 6:30pm we will be offering a free seminar about how to deal with the issues of doubt, uncertainty, and questioning different aspects of the Christian faith.  Specifically, this will include such things as questioning one’s salvation, God’s goodness, the existence of God, the deity of Christ, the authority of Scripture, and a number of other issues.  Topics such as why suffering exists and God’s hiddenness will also be addressed.

This very practical seminar will help us understand what doubt is and will provide a safe context for honestly dealing with the doubts that many of us face, while providing advice on how to deal with different types of doubt.

Also, to prepare for this seminar and better understand the sort of specific doubts people in Owensboro are struggling with, please take this short 2-minute survey.

The details:

  • Wednesday, Jan. 29.
  • 6:30pm.
  • Childcare provided.