What do Prince Charles, John Edwards, David Letterman, Jesse Jackson, Newt Gingrich, Bill Clinton, George Washington, Arnold Schwartzeneger, King David, Thomas Jefferson, Tiger Woods and Tullian Tchividjian have in common? They are all believed to have fallen into an affair.

We are all at severe risk of moral failure. We have a strong enemy looking for a vulnerable marriage to pummel. He finds a husband and wife going about life not focusing on one another. Then, as a man I counseled said, “you look up and can’t believe it. You are in an affair.”

This week, following the sad story of Tullian Tchividjian (a pastor we love, have read and quoted), Pastor Jamus will step out of the book of Romans for a week and preach on the risk of affair, the need to protect our own marriages, and our hope in Jesus.

I love Tullian, his writing and his preaching. I have been blessed to draw closer to Christ and refreshed by God’s work through him. So, how did I react when I find out he had resigned due to an affair? First, I felt an emptiness in my gut and a deep sadness. Then, I experienced fear. If it could happen to him, I’d be a fool to think I am safe.

I hurt knowing our brother is tormented by his wife’s unfaithfulness and his own moral failure. However, it feeds a passion in me to fight for my marriage and for those around me. It makes me want to motivate husbands and wives to proactively protect their marriage and richly enjoy one another for their good and the glory of the Almighty GOD.

It hurts to know how the devil will attempt to use this fall. He will say “see, Jesus doesn’t work.” Reality: Affairs and this fallen world are precisely the reason Jesus came. He is our only hope for forgiveness, healing, restoration and joy in the face of the reality of embarrassing moral failure. Let us show the world this power as we cry out to God for our fallen brother and learn from his indiscretion by radically protecting our own families.

So, in light of this sad turn of events, I beg you to pray for Tullian and his wife, his church and the scores of people he has influenced. Don’t choose anger and judgment. Many conservatives have fallen to adultery shortly after pridefully attacking someone else for the same sin. Mercy triumphs over judgment. Let us grieve and pray together.

Please invite friends as you come together for this crucial sermon Sunday!

-Pastor Brad