In today’s culture, especially among Christians, unmarried people can feel like they have a scarlet “S” on their forehead.  From constant questions about whether or not we’re seeing anybody to the never-ending date ideas (we all have that matchmaker friend who specializes in setting up the worst dates), well-meaning friends can sometimes make us feel like we’re broken or deficient in some way until we find “the one.” No pressure, right?

Or maybe you’re single again through gut-wrenching circumstances like divorce or the death of a spouse and you’re trying to figure out how single life and dating work after your world has been turned upside-down.

Singleness is a season of life that everybody goes through, and we will all likely date somebody at some point.  So what does God have to say about these issues? Is singleness just a problem that is fixed by marriage?  Or does God have something more for us in singleness?  And what does it look like for a Christian to date?

Sunday, Sept. 15 we will have a special evening where Pastor Jamus will speak on issues of singleness, dating, and sexuality in our culture, followed by a time of Q&A (via anonymous texting) with Jamus and his wife, Annie.

If you are single, dating, engaged, or want to better understand how to relate to people who are, join us at 5:30pm for a time of snacks and coffee followed by teaching about issues of singleness and dating.

The Details:

  • Sunday, September 15
  • 5:30pm.
  • In the Worship Center at Pleasant Valley. (Click for directions)
  • Snacks, finger foods, coffee, and drinks provided.
  • Questions can be submitted anonymously via text for the Q&A.

Any questions?  Email us!