On August 7, 2016, Scott Horn publicly identified with Christ and his commitment to follow Jesus through the celebration of Baptism.  This is his story:

Scott’s Testimony

It is truly a blessing from God to be standing where I am today and being baptized. In the beginning, my life was full of chaos. Constant arguing, fighting, lying, stealing, and cheating. My life was also marked by lots of drug and alcohol use. I thought I had been saved at an early age and I felt like I knew who God was, but I didn’t have a relationship with Him.

Throughout this chapter of my life, God was still with me the entire time.

Although he was upset with all my sin, he still saw fit to love me, save me from myself, and always be there for me and bring me back every time I walked away. I was tired. Tired of being alone, tired of being looked at as worthless, and I wanted more out of life.

I became a Christian when I started focusing on the Word of Christ and putting it to use throughout my everyday life, and I began constantly leaning on Christ and trusting in Him.  I believe that I am a new creation in Christ and that He has fought the fight for me. He loves me and I’ve been forgiven.

Today, because God is so loving and forgiving, He has blessed me with a family and friends that I love and care about deeply. I have nothing but hope for my future. I’ve gotten engaged, I’m a part of my children’s lives again, and I look at the world through a different set of eyes. Christ’s love has taught me to love through my actions rather than just my words. Today, I know that God has my back and always will. There’s nothing I can’t overcome with Christ working in me.