563780_10151515019054339_1783518515_n-1One of the most frequent commands in Scripture is to remember, and we think it is appropriate to take a moment to reflect upon and celebrate what the Lord
has been doing in and through our church during this Easter Season.

Good Friday

On Good Friday, we gathered together to remember the death of Christ on the cross.  Singing songs like Come Ye Sinners and Jesus Paid It All, we reflected on the atonement Jesus provided and the salvation that he secured for those that believe.  Pastor Jeremy preached boldly about what Christ accomplished on that Friday afternoon, and we took communion together as a powerful reminder of his broken body and the blood that washed us clean.


On Easter Sunday we had our largest worship service in the history of the church with more than 840 people coming through our doors.  While we don’t want to focus too much on numbers, numbers represent real people who are in desperate need of a savior, so the fact that God brought so many people to us to be confronted with the truth of the Gospel is reason to rejoice.

544641_10151515025824339_47915910_nEaster was also a joyful time as we celebrated a number of baptisms.  The diversity of these people and their stories are evidence that the Gospel is still the power of God for salvation for all who believe.  Men, women, white people, black people, children, 20-somethings, middle-aged people, religious people, people who are new to church… On Sunday, we saw a clear picture through baptism that God is saving a people for himself that transcends racial, generational, economic, and social boundaries.

One lady in her 20s described her hard life as a single mother who had wrestled for years with abuse, addiction, and fractured relationships.   She recently met Jesus, and she said it’s as if for all those years she had been blind, but now she sees!  Her eyes have been opened, and her life has been radically changed by the God who rescued her from darkness.

9544_10151515040239339_1053349139_nA number of people came forward for counseling or filled out Connect Cards indicating that they want to learn how to become Christians, and our pastors will be busy following up with them in the coming days and helping them wrestle through their sin and pointing them to Jesus.  Please be in prayer for these people, that they might be saved and that God would be glorified.

God is moving in big ways at Pleasant Valley, and these stories are just a few examples of how God is radically transforming people’s lives in Owensboro.  We’re so excited to see what God does next, and we look forward to seeing how God uses all of us to change our city and our world.