preparing for disaster newsletterWhen disaster strikes, how will you and your family respond?  How can you be best prepared to protect and provide for your family when ice storms, diseases, tornadoes, earthquakes, or fires devastate our community? And as Christians, how can we be lights to bless and serve our neighbors when our city is struggling through hardship?

On February 4, Will Carpenter, our Deacon for Disaster Preparedness, will be presenting a special workshop to give practical and beneficial steps our church and our families can take to be equipped to deal with the unforeseen and to physically serve our city so that we can have a platform for the Gospel to bring light in darkness.

We hope that this night will better prepare your family to be ready for the worst, will equip us to make our homes places of refuge for our neighbors, and will lay the groundwork for a dedicated ministry in our church to be on the front lines ministering to people in our city when disaster strikes.

The details:

  • Wednesday, February 4
  • 6:00pm
  • Children’s activities will be available