orphan sundayLoving and caring for orphans is something extremely close to our hearts here at Pleasant Valley and we are actively engaged in adoption and orphan-care throughout the year.  This is expressed most tangibly in Orphan Sunday, an annual event where we join with hundreds of churches around the world to support this.  On Orphan Sunday at Pleasant Valley there will be preaching and music celebrating our adoption as sons of God out of our spiritual orphanhood, and highlighting the ways in which we can be engaged in the biblical call to care for the orphaned and the fatherless.

100% of our offering on Orphan Sunday will go toward rescuing and caring for orphans, and there will be coffee, t-shirts, handmade African Christmas tree ornaments, and other things on sale to support orphan care ministries around the world.  There will also be booths in the lobbies from local organizations who work to care for the fatherless in our community with information on how you can get involved.

The Details:

  • Sunday, November 3.
  • During both AM services (9:30 and 11am)
  • Preaching and stories about adoption and orphan care.
  • An opportunity to give to support adoption and orphan care.
  • Coffee, crafts, handmade African Christmas tree ornaments, and t-shirts on sale to support orphan care.
  • Booths with information about how to get involved locally.
  • Information and advice available about how Pleasant Valley can help you in the adoption process.