Love Loud is a huge event we throw every year to serve the children and families in our city who have the greatest physical needs.  It’s a big party where kids have a great time with fun and games, while also receiving the help they need through gifts, education, Gospel proclamation, and  relationships that last beyond the event.  By living out the Gospel through loving and serving people, we hope to show them the same kind of radical love and grace that Christ has shown them so that they might catch a glimpse of the beauty of this Gospel and glorify God.

There are tons of different ways to serve…  donating needed items, working inflatables, making snow-cones, being a host family (and following up with these families in need throughout the year), and anything else you could imagine.  There’s something for everyone with different gift-sets to do, but we need your help to make Love Loud a success.

For more information about how to help with Love Loud, sign up at the Connect Desk on Sunday Morning or send Hilary an email.

The Details:

  • Saturday, August 9
  • 8:00am-3:00pm
  • Anyone can volunteer!