sex newsletter“Seriously?  A church billboard that says ‘Let’s Talk About Sex’?”

These words have potentially been exclaimed a number of times as people have driven by one of the billboards Pleasant Valley has placed throughout Owensboro – billboards promoting our upcoming sermon series dealing with the Bible and sexuality. Our goal for these billboards isn’t to “shock,” and our goal certainly isn’t to offend anybody. Rather, our goal for this sermon series (and the billboards) is to educate people and at least on some level to make a point.

We live in a culture that is absolutely saturated with sex. It’s on countless TV shows, magazine covers, and internet advertisements. As a result, we have largely been desensitized to sexual imagery to the point that sexual images have little or no effect on many of us. Fifty years ago, walking by a Victoria’s Secret store in the mall would have caused cardiac arrest; today, we walk by the store (and the posters) and barely even notice (no pun intended).

However, while we are able to see and be unaffected by sexual imagery (have you even noticed the “revealing” images on several billboards around Owensboro, including things like pictures of a woman’s rear-end in a bikini bottom promoting lipo?), we strangely tend to be offended or utterly dismayed when we merely see the word “sex” on a billboard (or in a sermon series title).

For some reason, particularly here in the “Bible Belt,” we’re willing to see sex, but we’re not willing to talk about it. The church has been largely silent about sex, and, tragically, those that are willing to talk about it (Hollywood, the media, etc.) have done so in a way that is unhelpful, perverted, and twisted.

So why should Christians talk about sex?

We are only able to speak intelligently and rightly about an issue when the basis of our argument comes from a legitimate authority that has real credibility. When it comes to sex, Hugh Hefner, Lady Gaga, and Desperate Housewives are not adequate sources of authority. Rather, when it come to sex, there is only one Authority – and that is the One who created sex – God Himself.

God created sex. It’s not gross and it’s not dirty. However, neither is it an idol or something that should master our lives. God created sex to be a beautiful gift to be enjoyed within the context of marriage. Unfortunately, the world has taken the beautiful gift of sex and twisted it entirely from God’s original intent. Something that God designed to be beautiful, our culture has taken and made into something that is in many cases very ugly.

As a result, many Christians have wrongly overreacted to this abuse of God’s good gift and have remained silent on the issue altogether, simply saying, “Don’t do it before you’re married.” However, while the church and Christians have largely remained silent on sex, the world has not. Many of us received our “sex education” from Hollywood, the internet, or the locker room in gym class, places where God’s perspective on sexuality was nowhere to be found, and because so many Christians have never been biblically educated on the topic of sex (just being told, “It’s bad, don’t do it.”) for many Christians, the mere mention of the word “sex” makes us blush.

This is a tragedy and is a part of Pleasant Valley’s motivation for such a sermon series. It is an incredible misfortune that the two places that sex should be talked about the most are actually the two places that sex is talked about the least – the home and the church. However, Pleasant Valley Community Church refuses to be silent on a beautiful gift that God created for His glory and His people’s enjoyment.

We are seeing to “take back” sex from the world and to reclaim it for God’s glory. We are not ashamed to say on a billboard or sermon series, “Let’s talk about sex,” because in His Word, God has not been ashamed to “talk about sex.”

From September 8 – October 27, in both of our morning services at 9:30am and 11am, we will be teaching an 8-week sermon series entitled Let’s Talk About Sex.

What We’re Talking About:

  • September 8: Why God Created Sex: The Burning Ring of Fire That Can Burn or Bless
  • September 15: Sex & Marriage
  • September 22: Adultery Kills: Don’t be an Ox– You Might Get Slaughtered
  • September 29: Sexual Sin: Porn, Lust, and the Look that Kills
  • October 6: Sexual Sin: You Can’t Stop Birds From Flying Over Your Head, But You Can Stop Them From Making Nests In Your Hair
  • October 13: Sexual Healing: How Jesus Frees Us From Shame, Pain, & Abuse
  • October 20: Homosexuality (Part 1)
  • October 27: Homosexuality (Part 2)

We hope you’ll join us as we talk through these issues together.  For more information about Pleasant Valley, including how to visit on a Sunday morning, click here.  Alternative classes are available for children and teenagers during both services.

Also, we want to know what you think!  Please take a second and fill out our anonymous, 2-minute survey about sex. Your feedback and responses will help us better know how to serve you through this series.  Thanks!