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International Missions at PVCC

It has always been the plan of God to fill the whole earth with his glory. After Jesus was raised he commissioned his church to go and make disciples of all nations, baptize them, and teach them to obey all that he commanded. We desire to make disciples who are burdened and committed to make disciples everywhere, including the hardest places on earth.
We consider it an amazing privilege to leverage our time, money, and resources to make disciples, raise up leaders, and plant churches in as many unreached places as possible.
We have an International Mission Leadership Team made up of staff and volunteers who lead  our international missions efforts. Connect with our team by sending an email to hilary@pleasantvalley.cc
We also have an International Missions Partner Team. This team will commit to one or all of the following: prayer, giving, and going. To be apart of this team please follow this link. 

By joining this team, you are signing up to stay informed about the following:
  1. General Updates with our International Partners and their ministries.
  2. Prayer requests (including some urgent as needed)
  3. International Mission’s events at PVCC. (this could include when a missionary is in town, getting together to pray, or a meeting about going on an international missions trip.

PVCC is currently:

PVCC has partnered with

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