Before I knew Christ, I was scared, lost, miserable, angry, and disrespectful. There were many times when I wouldn’t listen to anyone who had a relationship with God. I would pretend to be listening, but I wasn’t really listening. The way I was living made me depressed and suicidal. Usually when I was depressed, I would turn to drugs, alcohol, and guys. I wanted my life to be better than it was, so I continued doing those things to try
and find happiness. But, every time I tried, I failed. God had every right to be angry with me because I was sinning against Him. I grew up in church, but I made myself believe that it was just a fantasy.

Then about a year ago I met Rosemary at a Bible study, and ever since, she tried to help me out. I would call her on the phone about my struggles, and she would tell me what the Bible said. I slowly started to believe in God through her encouragement as she tried to help me understand the Bible.

One Tuesday night Rosemary invited me to her community group. She and I talked to Andy about if I was really sure that I wanted to follow Christ. Later that night I was reading the Bible and praying, and I thought, “Do I really want to change everything, or do I want to keep it the same?”

So I thought about it for a couple days, and that Saturday I picked up my Bible again, and I started to pray. God helped me realize that I was a sinner and that I deserved to go to hell. He also helped me realize that Jesus, who never sinned, died on the cross for my sins. After Jesus died, they buried Him, and then three days later He rose again. God helped me see that I needed to trust Him and turn my life over to Him instead of living the life I was living.  I started to cry to Jesus and I asked Him to change my life and help me to do His will instead of my will, and I told Him that I would follow Him. Then I knew at that moment that God loved me and that He forgave me.

Since I started following Jesus, I feel happier and more alive. I want to do more things for Him, and I don’t want to sin against Him anymore. My mind is not filled with lustful thoughts; I feel more respectful toward others and also toward God. I am slower to anger than I was before I knew Christ. Gradually I stopped drinking, doing drugs, and going to guys instead of God, and I started going to church here at Pleasant Valley.  I am not miserable anymore, and I feel safe knowing that I have God in my life. I know that I will go to heaven and spend eternity with God because of what Christ has done to save me.