Why Marriage Ministry?

It takes hard work and consistent investment to build a marriage that is filled with joy and is effective in its mission to display the gospel of Jesus. Our culture is becoming increasingly indifferent—and, at times, outright hostile—towards marriage. We want to create a culture of healthy marriages within our church by taking proactive steps together.

Let’s be honest: a marriage doesn’t have to be “bad” to be lacking in joy and ineffective for the Kingdom. Too often, we settle for mediocrity and fail to provide our relationships with the regular maintenance they need.

Our Marriage Ministry exists to enrich, protect, and grow your marriage. Using Biblical, grace-based materials from Grace Marriage, you will have time to talk with your spouse and explore ways to enrich your relationship with each other and the Lord.

How Does It Work?

The Marriage Ministry at PVCC is comprised of four main areas:

Premarital Counseling Class

This class for couples who are engaged, moving that direction, or have recently been married is a great opportunity to proactively talk through issues and set a Gospel-centered foundation for an exciting marriage that will last. Individual counseling for each couple is included as a part of this class.

Newlywed Community Group

This ongoing small group is open to couples in the first 5 years of marriage and is a great opportunity to build friendships with other newlyweds as you walk into this new season of life together.  You’ll learn from the wisdom of a couple who has been through many years of marriage together and has a heart for sharing their experience and the grace-based principles that will set your marriage on a trajectory to thrive over the decades.

Marriage Coaching Groups

Four times a year, husbands and wives meet with other couples in various stages of life to explore different aspects of marriage. Groups of 8-10 couples meet for 4-6 hours to walk through the Grace Marriage curriculum where they will be engaged by Biblical concepts and can step out of the day-to-day grind to look at the big-picture of their relationship. Couples will spend much of their time that day going through one-on-one exercises to talk about how things are going, develop action steps, and implement strategies to protect and promote life in their marriage over the following quarter.