At Pleasant Valley Community Church, we are passionate about multiplication. Our prayer is that dozens of churches would be planted out of PVCC, which would in turn plant more churches, so that thousands of new works might be started in communities among every tribe, tongue, and nation on this planet where the name of Jesus might be made famous.  This week, we are focusing on each of the works that have been planted out of PVCC so far: Harvest Church of Calhoun, New Circle Church, and Gospel Community Church.

New Circle Church

New Circle Church was the first church that was sent out from PVCC. In 2013, Pastor Barry Rager began to feel a specific calling and a passion to reach the people of Indianapolis with the Gospel, and began praying and talking to the pastors at PVCC about what it might look like to go and begin a new work there. In February 2014, Pastor Barry, along with members from PVCC, moved to Indianapolis, Indiana to begin the work of planting New Circle Church with the support of the Sojourn Network, the North American Mission Board, and PVCC.  New Circle Church just celebrated the two year anniversary of the launch of their church, and it has been amazing to see God bring together people from diverse backgrounds, neighborhoods, and cultures for the sake of mission, community, and making the name of Jesus great in Indianapolis.

New Circle Church is currently averaging more than 125 people in weekly attendance at their Sunday gatherings, and has added 70 covenant members!  They’ve been blessed with the ability to meet in the Theatre on the Square in the arts district downtown, and are quickly outgrowing that space.  They’ve baptized more than 30 people, many of them coming to faith through the 11 Community Groups that are meeting in homes, businesses, and universities all over the city.

There is so much to celebrate and give God glory for in Indianapolis right now!

New Circle Church’s biggest need at the moment is a larger meeting space– ideally a permanent building to make their home.  Pastor Barry has also asked for prayer in the following areas:

  • Continued growth in numbers and spiritual maturity.
  • The development of many more strong leaders.
  • The multiplication of groups around the city so that more neighborhoods can be reached with the Gospel.
  • The baptism of 20 more people before the end of the year.
  • The launch of their Church Planter Residency Program in October where they will be training two men to be sent out to plant new churches in the next few years.
  • One or two more men who they hope to add to the Residency Program in 2017 so that even more churches can be planted.

We hope that you will join us in praying for NCC and the work that God is doing in Indianapolis!