At Pleasant Valley Community Church, we are passionate about multiplication. Our prayer is that dozens of churches would be planted out of PVCC, which would in turn plant more churches, so that thousands of new works might be started in communities among every tribe, tongue, and nation on this planet where the name of Jesus might be made famous.  This week, we are focusing on each of the works that have been planted out of PVCC so far: Harvest Church of Calhoun, New Circle Church, and Gospel Community Church.

Gospel Community Church

12654489_559100467599194_4512725837366184725_nGospel Community Church was the second church that was sent out from PVCC. Danny Hinton, a member at Pleasant Valley who is an American Sign Language Interpreter, began to communicate to the pastors at PVCC his passion for reaching the Deaf Community with the Gospel. The deaf and hard of hearing are the fourth-largest unreached people group in the world, and there is a large community right here in Owensboro. In February 2015, Pastor Danny launched Gospel Community Church with the mission of reaching this unreached people group with the Gospel. We were excited to commission a number of PVCC families to go out with Pastor Danny to begin this work, and GCC has grown into a thriving community of both hearing and deaf families coming together to worship the Lord and reach our city with the Gospel.

13737705_638579509651289_897193812230706554_oGospel Community Church is currently averaging more than 65 people in weekly attendance at their Sunday gatherings, has already established a plurality by raising up 3 pastors, has ordained 3 deacons, and they have seen 12 people come to faith and be baptized. There are also 3 other deaf communities in cities across the country who gather and LiveStream GCC’s services each Sunday.

It is amazing to see how God is beginning to use GCC to reach the Deaf Community both here in Owensboro and beyond!

Check out this letter from Josh Vandgrift, the Worship Pastor at GCC, for more information about what’s been happening at GCC this summer and some specific needs that they have:

Brother & Sisters in Christ at Pleasant Valley! 

It’s not quite fall yet, but we could not wait any longer to share all the awesome things God has been doing here at Gospel Community Church in Owensboro, KY. Being just one year and six months into planting, God has greatly blessed GCC in it’s efforts to Gather together, Grow in knowledge of our Lord, and Go out into the world to reach the lost here in Owensboro and beyond. Over the past few months, we’ve experienced the following awesome gifts of Grace from our beloved heavenly Father:

  • We’ve seen TWO people recently come to faith in Christ Jesus during community events, and have baptized several new believers since our last update.
  • We’ve seen God provide financially, through member tithing and through partnerships with other churches and organizations, so that we could free up one of our pastors to be full-time in ministry.
  • Our church leadership team has graciously worked through 13 weeks of Leadership Training, where we’ve better aligned our numerous programs with the mission of the church and with scripture.
  • We’ve seen God provide us with the start to a small but growing Food Pantry for those in need within our membership and our community.
  • God has made us aware, through PVCC, of a group of 160+ families in Haiti who are Deaf, been isolated from the community, use primarily American Sign Language as their means of communication, and who have not been reached with the Gospel of Christ Jesus.
  • Pleasant Valley Community Church also made it possible for us to GO make initial contact with this group of Deaf Haitians in October. We will there be able to get an initial assessment and better formulate a plan of action for ongoing missions to this group of Image Bearers of God.
  • We’ve received nearly 20% of the funds needed to purchase chairs for our future Worship Center (equaling to about 50 of the 250 chairs we are planning on needing altogether).
  • God has strengthened marriages and friendships within our church, and has made us aware of our great need for Discipleship among our people (as well provided opportunities for discipleship to occur).
  • He has drawn people to plug-in to GCC who are gifted in a number of areas we needed help within, including in our tech team, music team, and newly formed food pantry.
  • God has graciously continued to draw new people within our community to our ASL Classes, and has given us wisdom to help better organize this wonderful community-building service.
  • God provided generously for our FIRST ANNUAL GCC Church Picnic, where 187 people from as many as 3 states away joined us for a great time of fellowship, food, and fun.
  • He has mercifully placed people in our paths that have encouraged our pastors and our members in continuing the work of this mission.

And much, much more…

Overall, it has been a blessed summer for GCC, and we’re excited to see what God has in store for us in the future. Please continue to pray for the work God is doing at GCC, that He would direct our paths and that we’ll continue reaching people with the Good News of Christ Jesus and drawing them closer to Him. Feel free also to share this good news with anyone you feel would like to know of the work God is doing here in Owensboro.

God Bless,
Joshua Vandgrift
Worship Pastor– Gospel Community Church